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WSnip is a useful tool for anyone who works with a great number of texts and needs to adapt or edit them. This program lets you copy text from any website, view it, and edit it as you need.

The main feature in this program is the ability to easily work with documents that include content in other formats. They can have pictures or graphs, for example, and you can adjust them to print them later. You just have to choose the sentences you want to add to your file and drag them to WSnip. Once you have it there, you can change the design however you want. It doesn't matter if you want to import text from the Internet or from any other document.

The best feature in this program highlights and underlines parts of the text that are important, so you can quickly recognize them. You can add links to websites and to other parts of the text. WSnip also has keyboard shortcuts so you can read, edit, and access parts of the document more easily. This way you can easily add bold, italics, and underlined text. You can also browse between the categories and subcategories that you create with just a click on the side bar.

Apart from all these features, the program even lets you edit the pages you want to print according to how you want to view them. It's a good way to create professional presentations on paper.
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